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From "Ilja Smoli" <>
Subject Re: enctype problem
Date Mon, 30 May 2005 13:13:42 GMT
I actually want to use flow script

Cocoon forms documentation says:
"To retrieve the uploaded data, simply use the getValue method of the
widget, which will in this case return an object of the following type:
I tried "form.lookupWidget("file").getValue();" - not working.

Cocoon Wiki says (upload using flow):  var part =
But how can I get it if it is not there...

"Sandor Spruit" <> wrote in message
> Ilja Smoli wrote:
> > Hi
> > When I add enctype="multipart/form-data" in a form template I lose all
> > parameters from request...
> > Im using version 2.1.5. This must be a some bug. How can I fix it? Is it
> > possible to fix it without reinstalling whole cocoon or moving to newer
> > version?
> If you are doing this to upload a binary file or something, you better
> check the mail archives for the discussion on 'FileUploadAction' from
> last year. I don't think it is a bug, it's a feature getting abused :)
> Sandor
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