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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: creating and passing an xml-stream to a method
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 13:11:18 GMT
> I want to dynamically create an xml-stream that is passed to a method. The
> input of the stream comes mostly from a session. This stream is passed to
> a method which returns whatsoever (obviously!). On return it is decided
> which page to display.
> Question:
> - Can I somehow create the xml-stream in a pipeline and pass it to a
> method? And how would I do that?
if I understand well, this seems to be a simple map:generate on any file or
url you want give you a saw xml stream
> Or must I create this stream "by hand"?
> - Should this be done in an action or in flow?
Flow, it will contain your method you could even do everything within flow.
- in your sitemap call your Flow function
- in your Flow, do a document = loadDocument("forms/membership_data.xml");
or even a pipeline document = loadDocument("cocoon:/yourpipeline"); (your
xml stream)
and then you can do with document what you want your "method" to do
- then leave Flow with SendPage or SendPageandWait or redirectTo...etc


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