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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject [CocoonInAction] Changing course
Date Sun, 08 May 2005 08:01:42 GMT
Hi all,

Just a small message to give you some news about Cocoon In Action tutorial.
I spoke of it with Helma earlier this week to explain her that, as the
project didn't start as I expected and my personal constraints became
more and more stressing, I preferred to fall back to reality. As I
told her I don't have enough experience and background using Cocoon to
pretend writing documentation about it... alone. I knew that from the
beginning but I was hoping such a global project could gather
individual efforts in sort of a more coherent way. And even if Helma
warned me that it was not possible on such a community project, I kept
a few good examples in mind, examples of community projects where
people worked together in a more "community" fashion. That's what I
was looking for, that's what I'm convinced Cocoon needs to get its
full capacity and be much more that this incredibly powerful but messy
"gasworks". This is my opinion, it's not a troll or a critics, it's
one feedback among others. That's not to say that Cocoon community is
a bad one. That doesn't mean that Cocoon is a bad project. I still
need it and I kind of like working with it, and I can't stop
marvelling of its power. But still I can't stop having headaches

So that's it. At the beginning I was hoping that 200 visits a day on
cocoon in action tutorial website would transform into something more
productive, more coherent. But it hasn't so far. And as I said, in
parallel to that, the end of my own project is approaching and I still
have a lot of issues to figure out. So I let Cocoon in Action in
Helma's hands on cocoondev, I'm sure she will do a great job and I
hope she will be be more successful than I was, gathering individual
documentation efforts to make Cocoon learning more solid.

Hence I will go continue to ask "dumb" questions on cocoon users list
and travel through all this documentation maze to find my answers. And
Cocoon in Action tutorial website will be shutdown in the next few
days. I will be happy to participate in Cocoon development COMMUNITY
effort as I acquire more and more experience with it.

In the meantime, keep up the good work guys...

Best regards...

Sebastien ARBOGAST

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