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From Sebastien Arbogast <>
Subject Re: Re[4]: Object list form ?
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 18:17:46 GMT
> Hi Sebastien,
> >> Are you looking for the repeater-widget?
> >>
> > Not exactly. I know this widget but my problem is more how to build my
> > form from flowscript than writing the form model itself... :(
> Hmm, so it seems that I don't understand your problem correctly.
> So you have a collection of user-objects and you want to show
> them to the user so that he can select one or more to do further
> actions on them?
> So you want to display a checkbox and some other information from
> the user-objects (e.g. first- and lastname)?

Exactly ! A very good example of what I would like to achieve in the
first place is GMail main frame, except that instead of listing
emails, I want to list users (for now). But it's exactly the kind of
interface I'm trying to make : a list of entities with actions to
apply on selected ones, etc.
It seems to be something quite common in web applications.
But I'm beginning to think of making a HTML form directly, using a
JXTemplate, since validation is not a big issue. This way I could just
do something like that in flowscript :

function displayUsers(){
  var users = usersService.findAllUsers();
  cocoon.sendPageAndWait("users-list",{list : users});

But the problem with this is how do I get data back from "users-list"
form page ? How to get POST parameters ?
And over all, which solution is more elegant : CForm (if possible) or
ordinary HTML form ?
Sebastien ARBOGAST

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