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From "angeloimm" <>
Subject Re: Not serializable exception
Date Mon, 23 May 2005 13:50:12 GMT
Hi; first of all thanks for your answer.
> angeloimm wrote:
> > Hi all; i'm using cocoon 2.1.5 and 2.1.7 under JBoss 3.2.6; i'ld like to know why
when i shutdown the server and i restart it i have the error
org.apache.cocoon.components.CocoonComponentManager; the component CocoonComponentManager
tries to store the session and it's not serializable... how can avoid this error?
> > One more thing... if i want to use cocoon in a cluster.... is it possible? That
is is cocoon distributable ?
> > It depends. If you use Flowscript or Javaflow then you'll run into a couple of 
> problems and AFAIK the portal isn't distributable either. Fixing at least the 
> Flowscript problem is on my mid-term todo list but don't hold your breath.

Infact this is my problem.. i use the Flowscript that i think it's great.
So portal isn't distributable... but isn't there any plain in order to make it distributable?

> If you don't use any of the mentioned technologies it only depends on your 
> application and what you put into the session. If you put a component into the 
> session, that has access to the ServiceManager (form erthe ComponentManager), a 
> NotSerializableException will be the result. Using the 'transient' keyword 
> should help.

Of course i'll use the transient keyword but for now the problem are due to Flowscript.

Thanks again.

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