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From "Nathaniel Alfred" <>
Subject RE: Dynamic use of filter transformer
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 20:09:32 GMT
You can for example use
to extract the page number from the request URI: 

    <map:match pattern="page_*.html">
      <map:generate .../>
      <map:transform type="filter">
        <map:parameter name="element-name" value="row"/>
        <map:parameter name="count" value="10"/>
        <map:parameter name="blocknr" value="{1}"/>

A request for page_5.html will pass blocknr the value 5.

HTH, Alfred.

>-----Original Message-----
>From: fadi qutaishat []
>Sent: Dienstag, 31. Mai 2005 17:17
>Subject: Dynamic use of filter transformer 
>HI All,
>I posted this quesion a week ago but I did not get any
>response, here it is again, it would be appreciated if
>anyone has an idea:
>I have got a long HTML page generated from a pipeline.
>My problem is that I do not want to view all content
>at once (because it is too long). 
>I have used the filter transformer which was great
>since it helped in dividing the content into blocks
>and then I could choose the appropriate number of
>blocks to be displayed.
>The page after using the filter transformer looks
>similar to something like:
><block id= "1"> 
><block id= "2"> 
><block id= "3">
><block id= "4">
>  </page>
>The problem now if I want to display to each block on
>a separate  page I would need four pipelines. What if
>there are 20 blocks, do I need to have 20 pipeline?
>I read on the Cocoon documentation that it is possible
>to make the values of the count and blocknr properties
>as parameters and then  pass their values through  an
>action, but to be honest I do not know how to do it!
>Hints, ideas or maybe using different techniques would
>be appreciated.
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