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From "Hugo Marcelino" <>
Subject Cron block something's wrong.
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 15:04:35 GMT

Hi users !

My name is Hugo Marcelino and i need some help in resolving  two problems that i came across
when using  cron block.

I'm using cocoon-2.1.7 and j2sdk1.4.2_08.

First, i can't make the sample of the cron block work. I need to implement a solution that
provides to the user the ability to start and stop , plus add and remove new jobs, and i tried
to use the sample but it didn't work.

Instead,  if i setup a few triggers in cocoon.xconf the cron works fine and int the sample
the job can be removed with sucess.

Note : The cron sample works in cocoon-

The second problem is when i set the cron to consume a pipeline (cocoon.xconf). It is suppose
to execute a certain pipeline (xsp) and in the i got <xsp-request:get-server-name> and
instead of getting the servername like it was made by url i get "Apache Cocoon 2.1.7".

Is this a bug ? Or it isn't supposed to do this !

Well in any case i hope to hear some news from someone.

Hugo Marcelino

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