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From Brent Johnson <>
Subject Re: Hibernate: No Suitable Driver
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 14:40:19 GMT
> When you were using Hibernate standalone, how did you access the
> Database ? How are you managing the Hibernate Session ? Did you specify
> your connection pool in cocoon.xconf ?

Yep, I was able to use it standalone with my test classes just fine. 
I did specify the connection pool in cocoon.xconf.

> The "no suitable driver" exception could be a hint, though, that you
> forgot to copy the JDBC SQL Driver (e.g. mysql-connector-j for MySQL)
> to WEB-INF/lib at the server in your office.

It was there, but I think I fixed it.  Now if someone would like to
explain why this works on my server at home and not on the laptop feel
free to let me know.

I forgot to include the MySQL driver in the web.xml file!  I was
pouring through the config files for a production project we have with
Cocoon and I ran across the MySQL entry in web.xml and realized I
hadn't added it to this new webapp.  Here it is:


But what I don't get is why it would work on the server without this
entry, because I'm using the same web.xml file on both machines.  But
adding this to web.xml on the laptop seems to have cleared up the

This will most likely clear up the problem I was having with Jetty in
the past too!  (see previous email to the mailing list a few weeks


- Brent

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