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From Wojciech Biela <>
Subject Q: testing (hopefully test-driving development) with Cocoon
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 13:38:20 GMT

I may be wrong, I haven't been around for some time in Cocoon land so
if I'm just talking crazy don't hasitate to tell me that.

As the subject states I have a question to the *active* users and
developers of Cocoon about their development and testing practices.

1. Do you unit test all your Cocoon java code?
2. If so, do you use TDD as your development method? If not, why?
3. If you use TDD, how do you test-drive all the logic present in
flowscripts, because that's the thing that worries me most. I love the
idea, but it's awfully easy to introduce bugs (that Java would pick up
at compile-time) and most disturbing I dunno any way to unit test such
parts of application. Huh?

Maybe there is some way that I just don't know yet, if there is tell
me please, if there isn't then I suggest we start looking for one,
because I don't know what about the others but everyone I know
including me who tried full blown TDD don't want to go back to
code&fix, and certainly I don't want to give up Cocoon because of it
not being a suitable framework for TDD.

-- Wojtek Biela

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