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From Michel Erard <>
Subject some help with binding
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 20:05:56 GMT

I've a problem with the binding framework, because I do not realy 
understand how it works.

I've a form like this:

     <fd:struct id="section1">
         <fd:field id="00001" required="false">
            <fd:datatype base="string"/>
                <fd:length max="30">

         <fd:field id="00002" required="false">
            <fd:datatype base="string"/>
                <fd:length max="30"/>
	    <fd:struct id="section2">
         		<fd:field id="00003" required="false">

And a corresponding binding:

<fb:context xmlns:fb="" 
path="/" >
		<fb:value id="00001" path="00001"/>
		<fb:value id="00002" path="00002"/>
		<fb:value id="00003" path="00003"/>
		<fb:value id="00004" path="00004"/>
		<fb:value id="00005" path="00005"/>

But this don't work. What do I make wrong?
The Binding-Object is a HashMap with String Keys ("00001", "00002", 
...) and I want to display the already saved data from the Map on open 
the form and save the changed values in the map after commiting the 

The error is:

org.apache.cocoon.forms.binding.ValueJXPathBinding: Widget "00001" does 
not exist in the top-level form-widget



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