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From gerritjan <>
Subject Authentication feedback
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 19:26:07 GMT
I've create a page wher a user can enter his/her login credentials
If succesful a page shows with secured information
If not succesful a page with a error message shows up...

so far so good

The problem is that if that user returns to the login page (in my 
cases; it happens to be the home page of the site, so this is likely to 
there is no feedback about the session; one can not see if already 
logged in.
If credentials are entered again a hidious cocoon error happens.

My idea was to change the xslt that generates the login-page becomes 
session aware
If no session aware generate username and password field with <login> 
button (as it is today)
If a session is active, show text like "welcome on our site mr x!" and 
a <logout> button

I'm not succesful in understanding the example, where this, sort of,  
seems to happen!

can anyone help me with this:

following are the parts of my sitemap:
           <handler name="alleen_voor_leden">
             <redirect-to uri="aanmeldfout.html"/>
             <authentication uri="cocoon:raw:/cdls_authenticate"/>

       <!-- ================= -->
       <!-- login page -->
       <!-- ================= -->
       <map:match pattern="cdls_login">
         <map:act type="auth-login">
           <map:parameter name="handler" value="alleen_voor_leden"/>
           <map:parameter name="parameter_user_id" 
           <map:parameter name="parameter_password" 
           <map:redirect-to uri="service_submenu_kinderen.html"/>
         <!-- failed: -->
         <map:redirect-to uri="aanmeldfout.html"/>
       <!-- This is the authentication resource -->
       <map:match pattern="cdls_authenticate">
         <map:generate src="authentication/userlist_cdls-nl.xml"/>
         <map:transform src="authentication/authenticate.xsl">
           <map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/>
         <map:serialize type="xml"/>

Gerritjan Koekkoek

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