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From David Perez <>
Subject Re: TeeTransformer
Date Tue, 24 May 2005 07:24:28 GMT
Ugo Cei schrieb:

> Hi,
> I need something like the SourceWritingTransformer that would allow me 
> to log, for debugging purposes, the contents of an XML document that 
> is output by a generator. The problem with the SWT is that it expects 
> its input to contain extra tags to direct its behavior, but my input 
> does not contain such tags. I just need the transformer to save its 
> input to a file as-is and stop at that.
> The reason for this is that my application is receiving some XML 
> documents over HTTP, so I'm using the StreamGenerator and a custom 
> trasformer downstream, but for debugging I need to save the contents 
> of the stream as they are received. So what I need is simply:
> <map:generate type="stream"/>
> <map:transform type="tee" src="debug.xml"/>
> <map:transform type="custom"/>
> Does anybody have some code for this to share?
>     TIA,
>         Ugo
Hi Ugo,

I made the FotoTransformer for exactly this purpose some time ago.  It 
should still be in the Cocoon wiki.


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