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From Paul Friedman <>
Subject Re: Cocoon CLI and follow-links
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 15:37:10 GMT
Do you have the following in the root sitemap?


  <map:view from-position="last" name="links">
   <map:serialize type="links"/>



This was a common missing element when I started using the cli.

pax et bonum. paul

Jean-Claude Moissinac wrote:

>I'm using Cocoon 2.1.7 in command line mode to generate a static site.
>I'm unable to obtain that the CLI command recursively generate the
>pages. I only obtain the starting page.
>Similarly with the sample cli.xconf, which generate the docs, I've
>writed a clisvg.xconf that I call with
>cocoon.bat cli -x clisvg.xconf
>and in clisvg.xconf which is manly a copy of cli.xconf, I start with
>   <uris name="svg" follow-links="true">
>     <uri type="append" src-prefix="svgtestsuite/" src="linklist.html"
>          dest="build/svgdest/" />
>   </uris>
>and expect to obtain all the pages referenced in linklist.html. I only
>obtain linklist.html.
>linklist.html is generated and is mainly a list of lines as:
><a href="intro.html">Introduction</a>
><a href="table.a.html">
>                                Samples with element a</a>
>In this case, I expect to get linklist.html, intro.html, table.a.html
>(which are correctly generated in my static site).
>I've tired to analyse in depth the cli.xconf sample (which works),
>without obtaining a progress.
>Is there some limits on the follow-links parameter? how can I
>understand these limits and work with these limits?...
>Thank's in advance for any help
>Jean-Claude Moissinac
>Department of Computer Science and Networks
>ENST Paris

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