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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: Display a CForm Repeater in JXTemplate
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 14:34:50 GMT
Nicolas Maisonneuve wrote:
> On 5/16/05, Leszek Gawron <> wrote:
>>oceatoon wrote:
>>>Nicolas Maisonneuve wrote:
>>>>In pratice I would like transform the data of the form , so I use JX
>>>>as the generator of the pipeline where the data are injected. My first
>>>>step is just to display the results of the JX generator.
>>>>But it's really strange that anybody find a simple solution for this
>>>>simple problem.
>>>>1 Is there a simple way to access to the data in a repeater in a JX ?
>>>>2- Why in flowscript the access "model.field[0].name"  works but not in JX
>>>>? (it would be interessing to develop ths kind of access in JX , no ?)
>>>By experience JX is full of little bugs (that's why devers are restructuring
>>>it) so you have go step by step and be patient ;-) and the solution is
>>>certainly there to be found:
>>>if things don't work with JEXL then also try the Xpath syntax, especially in
>>>the forEach tags and variables , they don't work exactly alike (PLS, don't
>>>ask me you????).
>>>You probably tried
>>><jx:out value="${model.field[0].name}"/>
>>>or maybe something like
>>><jx:out value="#{model.getRow(0).getChild("name").value}"/> does it work
>>do you need to access a "static" path like ${model.field[0].name} or
>>would you rather have access to current repeater row?
> the ideal would be:
> <jx:forEach var="field" items="${model.fields}">
>     <jx:out value="${}" />
> </jx:forEach>
Still .. what do you need it for? I do not quite get it.

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