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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Q: testing (hopefully test-driving development) with Cocoon
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 21:53:56 GMT
Did you know you can write your flow in Java?


Wojciech Biela wrote:

>I may be wrong, I haven't been around for some time in Cocoon land so
>if I'm just talking crazy don't hasitate to tell me that.
>As the subject states I have a question to the *active* users and
>developers of Cocoon about their development and testing practices.
>1. Do you unit test all your Cocoon java code?
>2. If so, do you use TDD as your development method? If not, why?
>3. If you use TDD, how do you test-drive all the logic present in
>flowscripts, because that's the thing that worries me most. I love the
>idea, but it's awfully easy to introduce bugs (that Java would pick up
>at compile-time) and most disturbing I dunno any way to unit test such
>parts of application. Huh?
>Maybe there is some way that I just don't know yet, if there is tell
>me please, if there isn't then I suggest we start looking for one,
>because I don't know what about the others but everyone I know
>including me who tried full blown TDD don't want to go back to
>code&fix, and certainly I don't want to give up Cocoon because of it
>not being a suitable framework for TDD.
>-- Wojtek Biela
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