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From Johannes Becker <>
Subject Re: flowscript - how to replace in real java
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 20:06:29 GMT

> If you're interested I can give you my functions and you'll see authentication 
> framework is not compulsory when using Spring.
I'd be very thankful. I'm struggling with this for days. My email:

Do your functions provide the some kind of similar functionallity as the authentication-fw?


Sebastien Arbogast wrote:

>>I'm trying to combine the CHS (Cocoon + Hibernate + Spring) example with
>>the authentication-fw.
>>For example:
>>User comes and has to login -> only after succesful login he is able to
>>see the products and shop -> ...
>>Since the CHS has its own datasource and sessionfactory I want to
>>"reuse" them for my authentication.
>>          I want to use a java class as the authentication resource, like:
>><authentication authenticator="com.MyAuthenticator"/>
>>My problem is that I don't know how to use the datasource and sessionfactory from
CHS >in this context.
>I've tried to do that at the beginning but it has proven to be more
>difficult than necessary. If you manage your users and authentication
>data inside the Spring layer it's very easy to write a few flowscript
>functions to do that in association with session framework. If you're
>interested I can give you my functions and you'll see authentication
>framework is not compulsory when using Spring.
>As for your first question, you have nothing to really adapt, except
>the service bean name. For example if you have a shopService bean,
>it's gonna be something like that:
>var shop;
>function getShop(){
>  if (shop == null){
>    var appCtx =
>//This line refers to the application context you've defined in
>  shop = appCtx.getBean("shopService");
>  return shop;
>And then each time you need to access your shop, you call getShop()
>first to be sure the variable is initialized and you can use it as any
>Good luck

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