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From Rob Oxspring <>
Subject [2.1] Using cocoon online outside of a webapp
Date Mon, 09 May 2005 21:38:51 GMT

We have a J2EE application and are using cocoon to process the website. 
and build our reports.  Suffice to say - we're really loving the 
advantages cocoon brings us :)

Now we'd like to be able to produce cocoon based reports from the ejb 
side of things without dealing with the webapp side of things. 
Basically we need to use the pipelines processing to take our 
datasources and produce pdfs / html / text / whatever, while not really 
wanting to involve the servlet engine.

Is this possible / practical? I'm aware that some 'offline' capabilities 
but I'm not sure how much they overlap with our intended usage.  From 
the website CocoonBean / CocoonWrapper look like my sensible entry point?

Thanks for your advice, please keep me cc'd as I'm not subscribed to the 
list at present.


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