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From Chris Maloney <>
Subject Re: Cinclude transforms very *slow* [ was Re: Speeding up an xinclude transform?]
Date Mon, 09 May 2005 17:00:52 GMT
With the cinclude transformer, you can include output from other 
pipelines.  E.g.
 <ci:cached-include src='cocoon:/OtherPage.xml'/>
That's why I suggested it over xinclude, in the first place.  I noticed 
major performance gains when I used the caching cinclude.  As I 
mentioned before, though, I still don't know how to control when the 
cache gets invalidated.
Also, the pre-emptive caching mechanism works well.  I found that it can 
be helpful, when using that, to set the "source" parameter to the 
cinclude transformer to point to a directory.  That causes it to put its 
cache files into that directory, so you can see when they get updated.  
Using this, you can also manually "invalidate" the cache, by just 
deleting all the files in that directory.

I tried to attach a write-up that I did for our website's implementation 
pages, that has the results of my investigations, but, apparently, this 
list doesn't accept attachments, so I'll email that to you directly, Derek.


Geert Josten wrote:

> About the other hint I made:
> the cinclude transformer supports the cached-include element. Try 
> doing something like:
> <cinclude:cached-include src="http://server/document1.xml"/>
> I'm not sure whether this element is actually in a different namespace 
> or not, the following page that describes this is inconclusive:
> HTH!
> Cheers

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