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From "Messing, Elad" <>
Subject AW: Cocoon.sendpage data object in another flowscript
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 14:32:31 GMT
Some clarifications :
My Flowscript :
function handleFormRestaurantMainSearch() {
    var form = new Form("forms/restaurant_main_search.xml");
    var model = form.getModel();
    cocoon.sendPage("/RestaurantMainResults/", { "query": model });
function callRestaurantMainResults() {
 var query = cocoon.context.query;
  here - query is empty ..
My pipeline:
        <map:match pattern="**RestaurantMainResults**">
          <map:call function="callRestaurantMainResults"/>
As I said - my problem is that cocoon.contect.query is empty, while I
was expected to get the Form results.
I hope this is clearer now...
Thanks again


Von: Messing, Elad 
Gesendet: Freitag, 27. Mai 2005 11:59
Betreff: Cocoon.sendpage data object in another flowscript

Hello all

        I think I am missing something here:

        I have a cocoon form. The last line of the form send the results
to a pipeline - cocoon.sendPage("name", data);

        No the pipeline name actually calls another flowscript function.

        function name() {

                var data =;

                [some analyzing of data]

        No - the problem is that "" is empty ! I do
not get the "data" from the form. 

        It is said in the docs that :


        Function sendPage([String] uri, [Object] bean)  

                bean is a context object which can be accessed inside
this page to extract various values and place them in the generated


        So what am I doing wrong ?

        Thank you !

Elad Messing

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