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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Database reporting tools?
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 11:51:29 GMT
I was wondering whether or not anyone had experience with web-based
database reporting tools - preferably ones that have been integrated
a Cocoon app.  The tools does not have to be open source, though this 
would be a first choice.

The report tool should - ideally! - be able to:
* allow admin-created reports via SQL definitions (XML would be good)
* allow for a wide range of SQL (including all JOIN types)
* allow for extraction of data in multiple formats (must include
* run reasonable quickly
and, obviously, have a customizable web-based front-end that allows
end-users to resort results and/or dynamically create subsets of data 
through data ranges and field specifications.

I know about - and have tried out - xReporter - but have been unable
get it working on a Unix box (long story, don't ask); and, on the one
Windows machine where is did install, the memory and time demands 
for doing data extracts with more than 50k records were just too steep
or not feasible.

Any help/opinions welcome!


PS I know there are lots of tools out there... I am looking for
on ones that people have actually used n real-life applications, not
that just  look as though *could* do the job.

PPS Yes, in a worst case I could use Cocoon... and have done that in
past... but I am looking for a 'quick-and-easy' user-driven approach
I can just "install and use", and trying to not reinvent any wheels!

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