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From Jens Reufsteck <>
Subject Re: cocoon-protocol in document-function
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 14:32:35 GMT
Hi Geert,

>I can at least advice looking in the logfile of 
>Tomcat for messages. It could be as 'simple' as 
>an OutOfMemory problem... :-P

Sorry, haven't looked close enough into core.log 
- the requested pipeline was serialized as html 
instead of xml. The document-function seems to be 
quite sensitive about that and wasn't able to 
load the resulting 'document'.


>Jens Reufsteck wrote:
>>I've got problems with the cocoon-protocol used 
>>inside the document-function, e.g.:
>>   name="show-cover"
>>   select="document('cocoon:/config')/config/cover/@show"
>>The intention is to fetch a dynamically 
>>produced configuration-parameter generated by 
>>the following pipeline:
>>     <map:pipeline>
>>       <map:match pattern="config">
>>     <map:generate src="config/cv_config_default.xml"/>
>>     <map:transform src="stylesheets/config.xsl">
>>       <map:parameter name="use-request-parameters" value="true"/>
>>     </map:transform>
>>     <map:serialize/>
>>       </map:match>
>>     </map:pipeline>
>>The strange thing is, that the construction 
>>works on one implementation (cocoon 2.1.3 on 
>>tomcat 4.1) and doesn't work on a parallel 
>>testserver (cocoon 2.1.7 on tomcat 5.0.27). The 
>>url is - as shown above - relative, and there 
>>are no changes to the sitemap, affected files 
>>etc. nor to the directory structure around the 
>>affected sitemap.
>>The above config-pipeline itself works, but 
>>when invoked from inside the document-function 
>>doesn't produce any results - or maybe isn't 
>>found at all.
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