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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: Authentication ??? Tomcat5 deploy
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 19:05:33 GMT
> oceatoon wrote:
>> When going through Authentication, instead of sending me to the url I
>> gave him as parameter(in my case "login"), he sends me to login/ and adds
>> the slash??
>> Does anyone know what does this, and how to clearit ??
> We had this nasty problem here, too. It seems to be a bug (or "feature")
> in Tomcat. The problem is that Tomcat automatically redirects requests
> for "/foo/bar" to "/foo/bar/" if a directory called "bar" exists in the
> webapp context (e.g. "~tomcat/webapps/foo/bar"). I have not yet found a
> way to turn this "feature" off.
Thanks for the answer , good to know I'm not alone.
The thing is I don't even have a "login" folder in my structure and he
redirects to /login/
> In our case we just renamed the directory to "login-x" and it worked :-)
I can't do this because we have differnet accesses from different folder it
would a big refactor to restructure just for this.
I managed to bypass the first call by adding an optional slash to my
pipeline match login(/)?
but the real problem for me is that once he logs he stays in this login/
context, and I have no way of avoiding this.

Thanks for the help

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