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From oceatoon <>
Subject Authentication ??? Tomcat5 deploy
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 12:04:36 GMT
Hello everyone 

I'm deploying our CooonApp in Tomcat5, I'm generalising the contextpath to
all our urls with the request:contextPath module And I'm faced with this

When going through Authentication, instead of sending me to the url I gave
him as parameter(in my case "login"), he sends me to login/ and adds the
Does anyone know what does this, and how to clearit ??

I managed to bypass this (dirty) by adding an optional slash in my "login"
pipeline, but the problem is when the authentication returns properly and
redirects me to the requested page it stays in the login/ context, meaning
I get:
 login/MyContinuation instead of simply MyContinuation.

(BTW,All this worked well with Jetty).

Any ideas are welcome coz I'm out of'em.


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