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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: soap, xml stream
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 14:31:08 GMT

Matt P. wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've gone back in the archive for about 2 years, and didn't find a
> satisfying answer. If it's out there, please point it out.
The truth is always out there :-)

> I have a c++ application, that consumes and produces xml. The xml output
> is serialized (char*). That's the legacy I have to work with.
> My problem is finding the way(s) to make this output available to a
> pipeline.

Use JNI to get the char* into a string (should be possible but i've 
never used JNI)

Then write a custom generator that does something like the following in 

String myString = myjnifunction.getData();
XMLReader parser = 
parser.parse(new InputSource(new BufferedInputStream( 
      new ByteArrayInputStream(mystring.getBytes()))));

> I have been successful at creating pieces of pipeline to create an input
> form, flow the output into a soap envelope, have the soap processed, and
> the return soap document transformed to extract the xml output of my
> application. cool, so i have this xml string/stream, that doesn't tickle
> the xsl transformer who only responds to sax. I can serialize it instead
> to an xml, and put this into a pipeline named e.g. match="output.xml",
> but how can i use in another part of the sitemap?

Sorry but I fail to see how soap gets into this picture all of a sudden.

> I've looked at STX, but we're talking about a big document, and i don't
> really want to reimplement a stylesheet that's already there.

Above code can generate MB's of data extremely fast.


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