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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: Cforms upload validation?
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:49:04 GMT
The discussion is in dev then.
> oceatoon wrote:
>>Hi every one
>>My Form contains upload widgets,
>>I have limited the size parameter in web.xml upload config.
>>But I would like to get the oversized error as a form validation error.
>>In the Form validation docs, it says upload widget supports validation but
>>no idea of which rules.
> There are no built-in validators for the upload widget except the
> mime-type checks. You can however plug an custom validator to check e.g.
> the content of the uploaded file.
> However, your problem is different and cannot be handled with the
> current CForms, and worse, with the current Cocoon as oversized upload
> is filtered very early in the request processing, i.e. in the
> CocoonServlet.
> What that means is that the upload widget has no means to know that
> upload has occured but was rejected. We need for this to enhance the
> multipart handling to pass an indication of the rejected upload to the
> application. Note that such indication would be useful also to detect
> that upload isn't enabled in web.xml.
> Please file a bug for this.
> Sylvain

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