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From "" <>
Subject Re: Problems creating a drop down selection box
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:48:02 GMT
> wrote:
>>so I have now installed 2.1.7, and my documents are still as follows:
>>data.cityList = new Array(2);
>>data.cityList[0] = {value:"AL", label:"Alabama"};
>>data.cityList[1] = {value:"AK", label:"Alaska"};
>>form.showForm("accountDetails1.xml", {"msg":Accountsmsg, 
>>"userGlobal":userGlobal}, data);
>>  <fd:field id="flist" required="true">  <fd:label>Previous 
>>orders</fd:label>  <fd:datatype base="string"/>  <fd:selection-list

>>type="flow-jxpath" list-path="cityList" value-path="value" 
>>label-path="label" />      </fd:field>
>><ft:widget id="flist"><fi:styling class="keyinbox"/></ft:widget>
>>But I am still getting an empty selection box. What am I missing here?
>I'll try to post you a working example. It would be easier for you 
>to detect differences than for me to debug your code. I hope I have 
>some time tonight.

Ok Leszek,
thanks for that.



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