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From Vacaloura <>
Subject A question
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:54:39 GMT
Hi all,

I'm a Cocoon newbie and apologize for possible obvious questions!

I am starting a project that basically stores medical reports in a
native xml database. Some fields of the reports are html documents
edited by the dodctors in a browser-based html editor.

The problem is that html fields edited by the doctors don't have a
predefined structure.
The doctor could write anything with whatever format applied to the
text (html format). Due to this, the layout info for each html field
(in principle one per report) is different.
I have to be able to rebuild the original html
file (written by doctors) to show along with the whole xml report in a
web interface .

The question is : Is there any technology that let separate from an
html document the plain text and layout information?
The idea is enable to store plain text and layout info separately and,
when we need to show the report, automatically mix them to obtain the
original html document.

Can Cocoon help me to acompplish this task? Any idea on how to
acompplish? Another technology?
What about XHMTL and XSLT?

Even, it could be desirable the ability to export those html fields or
the entire xml report  to
another formats like pdf.



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