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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: State of the documentation effort
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 19:37:45 GMT
Sebastien Arbogast wrote:
> It's always the same paradox : the people who need documentation the
> most, are the ones that are less qualified to participate in its
> writing, otherwise they wouldn't need documentation. For Cocoon
> experts, it's a matter of realizing that you can code marvelous
> features, if nobody can understand them through a coherent and
> accessible documentation, it's totally useless. And when you see
> entire blocks (like apples for example) that don't have any
> documentation...
> So I totally agree : please "skilled people" feel free to participate
> in Cocoon documentation effort... but don't be suprised if we newbies
> are a little... chomping at the bit !

The documentation has needed effort for some time. And together, 
Reinhard and myself have started working on a new framework. We've got 
some headings worked out, and the technology in place. I'm now in the 
process of converting files from one format to another. Once that's 
done, we can start moving pages across one by one, then start filling in 
the gaps.

That process of moving things across is something that people can help 
with. Do subscribe to the developer list and help if you can!



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