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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject How to debug an empty response?
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 01:17:41 GMT
Hi all,
It's me again with esql woes... but I think this question goes beyond 
The strange behavior I'm seeing is this:
I have an XSP page that normally produces XML data as output. I add one 
line to that XSP page, and it no longer produces any XML data. (In IE, 
this results in an IE error: XML document must have a top level 
element.) This would suggest that there was an error which caused the 
pipeline to completely fail and emit no data. But there is no error 
message in the Cocoon response or in any logs. Weird!

Here is the XSP page:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  <operation home-page="home_Ethnologue_Database"
    name="Create_Ethnologue_Continent" role-abbrev="editor" 
        <esql:call>{call Create_Ethnologue_Continent(<esql:parameter 
direction="out" type="Int">NewID</esql:parameter>)}</esql:call>
            <!-- ** <esql:get-int from-call="true" column="NewID" /> ** 
offending line -->
    <auto-link on="success" page="edit_Ethnologue_Continent">
      <with-param name="_id" use-param="_id"/>
    <auto-link on="failure" page="_back"/>

When the "** offending line" (see above) is commented out, this XSP page 
gives the expected result:

<operation ...>
    <auto-link on="success" page="edit_Ethnologue_Continent">
      <with-param name="_id" use-param="_id"/>
    <auto-link on="failure" page="_back"/>

But when the "** offending line" is uncommented, I get no output from 

Doing a diff on the generated java code, the only difference is the 
presence of the line


Again, if this line is causing an exception, shouldn't I see it somewhere?

I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough with Java debugging to know how to 
run Cocoon in a debugger and trace what's happening on this line...
I tried adding debug statements (getLogger().error(...)) in <xsp:logic> 
tags into the XSP to further diagnose the problem, but they didn't seem 
to cause any output (maybe I have to configure logging somehow?)

Can anybody suggest a way for me to troubleshoot this problem?


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