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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: [FYI] planet cocoon
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 11:51:22 GMT

Mark Leicester wrote:

> I set up the site to scratch my own itch, and I certainly don't want to 
> cross swords with other people's efforts. Having said that, I believe 
> the site may have something to offer other Cocoon users in due course. 
> Naturally, I welcome any feedback!

random (first) thoughts :

Which "ich" exactly was it that triggered you to do this? I mean I can't 
(yet) see the value planetcocoon adds to the cocoon community, apart 
from a more colorful mailinglist :-)

Are posts on planetcocoon relayed back to the mailinglist?

Don't get me wrong here - i welcome any attempt to make cocoon and it's 
docs better and more accessible - but isn't this just another hollow 
shell sitting on top of a mailinglist that is potentially confusing 
users looking for the Real Cocoon Docs(tm)?

Maybe it would be better to remove the page title "Apache Cocoon 
Documentation... reloaded" until the docs actually have been "reloaded".


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