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From "Ben Pope" <>
Subject Pipelines & caching
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 15:26:20 GMT

I have some generic pipelines that return data in xml.

I then wrap those pipelines with generator / serialisers to choose the
output type.  E.g.,

<map:match pattern="*/*/Form">
   <map:call function...

<map:match pattern="*/*/FormPipeline">
   <map:serialize type="xml"/>

<!-- And the wrappers: -->

<map:match pattern="*/*/*.xml">
   <map:generate src="cocoon:/{1}/{2}/{3}"/>
   <map:serialize type="xml"/>

<map:match pattern="*/*/*.pdf">
   <map:generate src="cocoon:/{1}/{2}/{3}.html"/>
   <map:transform src="style/xhtml-to-xslfo.xsl" type="xslt"/>
   <map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>

<!-- Default -->
<map:match pattern="*/*/*.*">
   <map:generate src="cocoon:/{1}/{2}/{3}"/>
   <map:serialize type="xhtml"/>

It looks as if the output gets cached, when I request a form like:


I get the correct page, so I request:


And get the correct page.  However, all other requests to the first (id=0),
now result in the second pipeline (id=1), including things like continuation
IDs.  The problem must in cocoon (as opposed to browser cache), as the
console correctly prints out debug data from the flow, every time I make the

How do I prevent this 'caching'?

I hope that clear enough.

Cheers for your time,

Ben Pope

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