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From "Niels van Kampenhout" <>
Subject RE: i18n transformation error
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2005 13:57:07 GMT
> From: []
> Posted At: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 4:55 AM
> Subject: i18n transformation error
> [...]
> Now the really strange thing is that if I instead save the 
> HTML from the second
> step in my pipeline into its own file, and then transform 
> that (so the i18n
> transformation is the only step in the pipeline), it works fine.
> The two HTML files (the separate file, and the one generated 
> by the XSL
> transformation) are identical in every way. I can reproduce 
> this in other
> contexts, too. Has anyone seen this before? That i18n 
> transformations work in
> some contexts but not in others, and specifically don't seem 
> to work after the
> first transformation in a pipeline?

Try putting the LogTransformer (org.apache.cocoon.transformation.LogTransformer) in between
the first and second transformer in your pipeline, and see if the SAX events make sense. I
have had similar problems, which were caused by an incorrect SAX stream (two startElement
events and only one endElement event, or something like that). If this is the case with your
problem, you may have something weird in your XSL. For example, I once have seen a simple
<xsl:output> statement mess up the SAX stream.

Hope this helps.


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