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From Robin Wyles <>
Subject Building with Maven & xpatch Ant Task
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 11:48:23 GMT

I am in the process of setting up Maven to build my cocoon 
applications. Using - all 
works smoothly.

Now I would like to integrate my cocoon.xconf patches into the Maven 
build and so have attempted to follow Ralph Goers' methods outlined in

I have created a jar from the $COCOON_HOME/tools/src/anttasks folder 
and added this to my local Maven repository and declared the jar as a 
dependency for my project. With this is in place I run the build and 

taskdef class XConfToolTask cannot be found

OK, I assume that perhaps the XConfToolTask class is missing some jar 
dependencies, so I add the xml-apis.jar and the xalan-xxx.jar as a 
dependency to my Maven project. These jars are added OK, but I still 
get the same error. Can anyone who has managed to get this working 
(Ralph?) shed any light on what jars I need to add to my project to get 
this to run, assuming this is the actual problem?

I notice that Maven still uses Ant 1.5.3 (I think) whereas Cocoon uses 
a newer version - might this be the problem?



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