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From Marc Salvetti <>
Subject issues with images matcher
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 08:22:01 GMT
i'm having a weird problem with the loading of images.

i use theses 3 matchers in the sitemap for loading gif and jpg :

      <map:match pattern="**images/*.gif">
        <map:read src="images/{2}.gif" mime-type="image/gif"/>

      <map:match pattern="**images/*.jpg">
        <map:read src="images/{2}.jpg" mime-type="image/jpeg"/>

      <map:match pattern="**photos/**.jpg">
        <map:read src="photos/{2}.jpg" mime-type="image/jpeg"/>

on my local computer (windows, tomcat 5, cocoon everything 
works fine, the images are loaded normally whatever the path.

on the server (linux, resin, cocoon it's getting really weird.
no images would load under the normal path (usually images/*.gif or 
i had to hack by adding a fake directory (/cfm/x/images/*.gif) to have 
most of the images loading correctly.
however, this hack seems not to be working with some images (i couldn't 
understand why some work and not the others)

i noticed also that requesting the images with firefox or ie makes a 
difference somehow (maybe ie stripping a / somewhere, i don't know) or 
another caching pb... i don't know.
for example in ie : loads the image doesn't load the 
image (but get the size of an old version of the image !) doesn't load loads the image !!

can someone give me a hint about that, i'm pretty lost here :-(



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