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From Jeff Sexton <>
Subject Re: Very Strange Cocoon 2.4.1 Problem
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 20:25:01 GMT
Sorry for the follow up on my own post, but I learned that this issue has to do with 
class files in Tomcat's work space.  I removed the .java and .class files from the 
work directory for Cocoon, under Tomcat, and *nearly* all of the pages then worked. 
The strange thing is that at least two out of dozens of pages still generated blank html.

I did the copy procedure below and they then worked.  Anyway, on to testing the 
original issue!  I'm sure it'll be fine now.  Thanks.

Jeff Sexton wrote:
> I think that's it, yes.  I was going to apply the patch but thought I 
> should try instead.  Now I have another strange problem.
> I built a war file for and put it in place, it worked.  So I 
> added my application's directory, added the references to the 
> sub-sitemaps, and started it up.
> All my page that do database access come back as 
> "<html><body></body></html>" and nothing else.  No errors recorded

> anyplace.  A few plain xml files work fine.
> I tried a few things with no luck, so I started building a new xsp/xsl 
> pair with pieces of a page from the application to see when it stopped 
> working.  It didn't stop working.
> For example,
> 1. myfile.xsp and myfile.xsl return nothing as above when I request 
> myfile.html
> 2. I copy these two files to test.xsp and test.xsl and request test.html 
> - it works!
> 3. Then I right away request myfile.html again and now it works!
> I've done this for three pages now with the same results.  Strange?
> I have touched files in various other ways but making changes to them 
> does not help.  Only copying them requesting them via a different name 
> seems to make them work.
> Thanks for any advice on this.

The ODS Companies
Jeff Sexton
Information Services
(503) 228-6554   x1026

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