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From Pierre Martins <>
Subject Factorise common resources, views or pipelines used in several sitemaps in the same application
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 09:11:36 GMT
Hi all,

I am looking for the 'best' way to reuse sitemap elements in orther 
I hesitated to post this under the dev mailing list but I guess there 
must be some kind of easy solution.

I am sure many of you build some applications where you end up with 
several sitemaps that use the same, resources, views or pipelines (just 
as if they were common tools).
I find it reallly painful when it comes that you have to modify those 
sections because you have to do it in all the sitemaps.
In other words, this is hard to maintain.

I have looked for a way to nicely 'factorise' all this. I wanted to find 
something like <map:include type="resources" 
src="pathWhereToGetTheResource>, but I found nothing.

Temporary solution:
I came up with some kind of mixed solution that looks good to me but is 
not fully 'cocoon oriented'.
Basically I extend the DTD directly in the sitemap:

<!DOCTYPE store [
<!ENTITY resources SYSTEM "http://localhost:81/.../resources.xmap">

The URI "http://localhost:81/.../resources.xmap" is in fact a cocoon 
pipeline itself that get the corresponding file resources.xmap

Using this system I can use something like


This is a great advantage since you can really 'factorise' the resources 
and it really works fine but this is not really in the 'cocoon spirit'

If anyone has a suggestion, I will glad to hear it :)

Thanks in advance,

Pierre Martins
Symeria (Consulting, Workflow,traceability, quality) 

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