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From stefan pickschneider <>
Subject Re: Encoding Problem: File Upload and UTF-8
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 11:33:32 GMT
Hey Bruno,

>>I am not sure if the above patch fixes the problem I mentioned.
>>The patch replaces
>>   this.defaultFormEncoding);
>>   this.containerEncoding);
>>In our configuration the
>>defaultFormEncoding == containerEncoding == "UTF-8" - so the patch
>>doesn't seem to have a influence on our problem :-(
> then your configuration is wrong :-) The containerEncoding should be
> ISO-8859-1, always.
Ok. So this option is for future use or if you really know, what
your webcontainer is doing.

>>Somewhere the encoding for the Parameters is set to ISO-8859-1 probably 
>>because no encoding is set until the first call of getParameter*().
> Cocoon doesn't rely on the setCharacterEncoding support of the
> webcontainer, basically because of historical reasons, that method
> didn't always exist. Additionally, Cocoon's approach has the advantage
> that it allows to change the encoding from the sitemap, allowing
> different parts of the sitemap to use different encodings.
I tried it this way. Normal forms (not multipart/form-data) are 
submitted correctly with ISO-8859-1 (containerencoding) decoded to UTF-8 

Multipart forms instead seem to send the form fields as UTF-8. Cocoon 
tries to decode these too from ISO to UTF - so they break and i doesn't 

Ok, so for our problem a solution would like:
ContainerEncoding ISO-8859-1
FormEncoding UTF-8

For all forms that use "multipart/form-data" & utf-8: use the 
SetCharacterEncodingAction in the sitemap to change the encoding to utf-8.

Unfortunately SetCharacterEncodingAction is only able to change
the FormEncoding - not the ContainerEncoding - so that this way wouldn't
work without enhancing the action.

Are there any other ways?


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