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From Irv Salisbury III <>
Subject Re: populate xmlbean in flow w/ pipeline
Date Sat, 05 Mar 2005 09:16:24 GMT
Can you be more clear on what exactly you are asking?  Do you want to 
process a pipeline and have the result stored in an XMLBean?  If that is 
the case, you can use the PipelineUtil.processToSax method to call a 
pipeline and fill up an XMLBean's content handler.

I have some examples of doing this, but they aren't on this computer.


Ben Anderson wrote:

>I'd like to take the state of my current pipeline and populate an
>xmlbean from this in the flowscript.  Is this something that's already
>easy to do?  Here's what I'd like to do:
>      <map:match pattern="somePattern*">
>        <map:generate type="request"/>
>        <map:transform src="someXsl.xsl" label="myLabel"/>
>        <map:call function="{someFunction}"/>
>      </map:match>
>After the xsl transform, I will have a valid instance of my xmlbean. 
>Then in my flow script I could do something like this:
>  var sh = org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlObject.Factory.XmlSaxHandler();
>  var ch = sh.getContentHandler();
>  <this is what I'm missing>
>  var myBean = sh.getObject();
>Am I on the right track here?  Looking through this page:
>I don't see any objects that can send events to the contenthandler...
>Any guidance is appreciated.

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