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From "Chris. Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: Localization
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2005 08:55:43 GMT
> Can you explain a bit more about what you exactly mean? I'm not sure I 
> understand what you really are trying to acchieve.
> Note that you can turn my example around. You can just as easy redirect 
> index.html?lang=de to de/index.html...


I want to have my website in 2 languages, german and english.
Further i want only one sitemap, which includes the desired xml files
from different directorys.
In my example, the sitemap is /
My XML files with content are in /content/german and /content/english or 
something like that.

I could do it with sessions and a request param, like

The Link is problematic, cause:
- f. e. Google ignores all what comes after ?
- users can't remember this link well
- i have an dependency to "lang" as parameter name

Instead of this, i would like to have a simple link like

This link is pointing to the sitemap at /.
I can get the /de/ as parameter. I will not store it in a session,
the link must always have /de/ in the middle, like:

(the same goes users who want the english website. Instead of de there 
is en in the middle).

I think it's better cause:
- Google can index all, german and english version of the site
- the link is easier to remember
- i have no dependency to a named param, i only say: {0} decides about 
english or german

I hope i could make it clear. Thanks for your time

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