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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: [FYI] planet cocoon
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2005 15:30:04 GMT
Hm, do not get me wrong (!!!), but I personally do not like such sites
because they distract the user (you mentioned that posts to planetcocoon
are not going back to this list). This can do harm to the cocoon
community, have you thought about that?

BTW doing a cocoon site with drupal. LOL 
Eat your own dogfood. ;-)


On Mon, 2005-03-28 at 13:40 +0100, Mark Leicester wrote:
> Hi Jorg,
> On 28 Mar 2005, at 12:51, Jorg Heymans wrote:
> > Mark Leicester wrote:
> >
> >> I set up the site to scratch my own itch, and I certainly don't want 
> >> to cross swords with other people's efforts. Having said that, I 
> >> believe the site may have something to offer other Cocoon users in 
> >> due course. Naturally, I welcome any feedback!
> >
> > random (first) thoughts :
> >
> > Which "ich" exactly was it that triggered you to do this? I mean I 
> > can't (yet) see the value planetcocoon adds to the cocoon community, 
> > apart from a more colorful mailinglist :-)
> The mailing list is simply the first feature I implemented. 
> PlanetCocoon is a Drupal site ( I'm a Drupal 
> contributor and wanted to get my feet wet with a simple patch to their 
> mailhandler module (the colourisation).
> The real "itch" is this. In due course I want to provide myself, my 
> colleagues - and any other interested contributors - with a site that 
> offers a wide range of means to communicate. People are different and I 
> like the idea of offering blogs, forums, pages, code snippets, recipes, 
> polls and collaborative books under one roof. I want to aggregate other 
> Cocoon developer's blogs. I want taxonomy and folksonomy. I want 
> integration with (and flickr!?). All of these things are 
> already offered by Drupal (
> BTW I mentioned in the earlier post (see 
> :p) that I want to introduce 
> folksonomy to mailing list archives. My intention is to make mailing 
> list material taggable. I think this will increase the value of 
> archived mailing list content.
> > Are posts on planetcocoon relayed back to the mailinglist?
> No, not at this stage. PlanetCocoon offers XML feeds for anyone wanting 
> to keep tabs on new content. A mailing list might be the best way to 
> broadcast a message to the community, but I don't get time to read all 
> my messages. For me, I've found XML feeds allow me to be more 
> selective, and aggregators make reading much faster and easier.
> > Don't get me wrong here - i welcome any attempt to make cocoon and 
> > it's docs better and more accessible - but isn't this just another 
> > hollow shell sitting on top of a mailinglist that is potentially 
> > confusing users looking for the Real Cocoon Docs(tm)?
> Indeed, the strapline is "Confusing Apache Cocoon developers with yet 
> another source of documentation."
> I understand what you're saying. I've been in the Cocoon community for 
> five years, and I don't like the many and varied sources of information 
> either. I have very mixed feelings about adding another source, but I 
> feel compelled to by the non-existence of a really modern Cocoon 
> community site. Also, I rate Drupal quite highly and want to show it 
> off! :)
> > Maybe it would be better to remove the page title "Apache Cocoon 
> > Documentation... reloaded" until the docs actually have been 
> > "reloaded".
> Quite. We're weeks away from any kind of launch. Detective Stavros 
> forced my hand a little ;)
> Incidentally, am I alone in having mixed experiences googling for 
> cocoon documentation? For example, if I type "cforms" into Google, what 
> comes back? The first entry is the official Apache documentation: good. 
> After that comes PlanetCocoon. The Cocoon wiki is many entries hence. 
> Content from the Cocoon wiki seems to have fairly low search engine 
> visibility. Does anyone know why this is? No one is linking to 
> PlanetCocoon yet, but already Google seems to think PlanetCocoon has 
> something of value. Google gets it wrong, but who can argue? If a tree 
> falls in the woods...
> Thanks for your feedback!
> Mark
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