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From "Roberto Marra" <>
Subject iframe...
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 13:17:19 GMT
Hi all,
I made an xsl file to transform an xml file, this xsl file got inside this:
<iframe src="html\iframe.htm" name="anything" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="yes"/>

the sitemap is:

<map:match pattern="**.htm"><map:read src="{1}.htm"/></map:match>

if I test the xsl with xmlspy it works, I mean it open a window with the file iframe.htm,
if I run everything with cocoon dosn't work, I don't see anything, but I don't have any error
in log file. The access.log file say that:

INFO    (2005-03-16) 14:11.04:487   [access] (/mf/html/iframe.htm) PoolThread-4/CocoonServlet:
'mf/html/iframe.htm' Processed by Apache Cocoon in 10 milliseconds.

Interesting is that with mozilla it works.

Any suggestion?
Thanx in advance


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