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From oceatoon <>
Subject Re: xsl:includes within includes stylesheets...
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:24:56 GMT wrote:

> Up to recently I was using 2.1.2, I've now updated to 2.1.6 and I've
> just noticed the following:
> If you have a stylesheet that uses xsl:include to add extra templates to
> the stylesheet and in turn the included stylesheet also includes another
> stylesheet, Cocoon is no longer aware of changes to the stylesheet at
> the bottom of the 'stack'.
> The only way, I've discovered so far, to get the changes noticed is to
> bounce Tomcat (this clears the cache) but as you might image that's a
> *#@!ing nuisance!!!
> If I bring the second include up to the top level all is fine, but then
> I have to modify other stylesheets and then I loose some of my
> modularity.
> Anyone care to comment on what's changes???
Hi Philip
If I understood your point, I have noticed this, when an included xsl is
modified, for the changes be taken into account all you have to do is make
a simple change (anything) to the xsl:include container and everything will
be reinterpreted. The files seem to be cashed and only the file called by
the pipeline is interpreted.

Hope this helps

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