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From "Ilja Smoli" <>
Subject Re: separation of roles
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 10:50:04 GMT
Our system fully webservices driven... So we have pipelines which call these
webservices and gets XML out of them..
Then this xml must be transformed to nice html and this must be done by
designers (throught XSLT)...
So actually developers have nothing to do? :-) Except some CForms
definitions and sitemap managing?
Oh maybe a little bit of flow script for CForms...

"Jorg Heymans" <> wrote in message
> Vlad Golodov wrote:
> > Hello All!
> >
> > we are making a project using cocoon. Our company has developers who
> > know anything about design, and designers, who don't know anything about
> > cocoon.
> typical setup ;)
> >
> > At the moment we have all screens written in XML, and they are
> > through the XSL files. Thus, xsl files have too much html code. Should
> > html code be removed from there somehow?
> >
> > How developers could write a system, so that designers(which probably
> > only html) don't deal with the underlying layers?
> but you have such a system ;)
> Your developers deliver XML and your designers use XSLT to create
> something nice out of the XML - where do you think there is not enough
> separation? Is there business logic coded into the stylesheets maybe?
> Regards
> Jorg

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