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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: New user + concepts
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:21:21 GMT

Jon Hill wrote:
> Hi All
  > I am in the process of producing data on mobile phone handsets. I am 
> that the information that I will repesent will eventually be good enough to 
> be used as a general resource for companies and end users in the mobile phone 
> content arena. 
Just out of interest: exactly what data will you be aggregating?

> I have got as far as building a relational database and have entered a lot of 
> my data. I have now worked a first draft of an XML document that will 
> describe the capabailities of a mobile handset. 

This is exactly what CC/PP and UAProf deliver, ie a capabilities 
document of a device. Have a look at [1] to see what i mean. The Deli 
block [2] integrates this technology in Cocoon.
(sorry to go a bit offtopic here, just thought it would be interesting 
for someone exploring device capabilities)

> I want the XML to be used for a number of different purposes.
> 1. Plain XML, useful for developers who wish to inform their own databases
> 2. XHTML / HTML to display information on handsets, suitable for end-user 
> Websites.
> 3. XHTML / HTML for display on a administration Intranet.
> 4. XHTML / WML for WAP browsers.
> I guess this is where Cocoon could come in? I have never used any type of 
> application server before and could do with some advice to see if what I am 
> trying to achieve would benefit from Cocoon.  To begin with, I expect I will 
> have data on around 500 handsets. Perhaps Cocoon is overkill for the scale 
> that I am working at? I am not entirely sure on what advantages Cocoon can 

Cocoon is rarely overkill (or underkill ;) ) for any type of 
application. It molds itself very nicely to most types of application in 
one way or another.

Looking at your requirements i can't see anything that would be a 
stretch for Cocoon. Displaying sets of data in different ways depending 
on various factors is exactly what the framework does very well.



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