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From "Bowe, Bastian" <>
Subject RE: New user + concepts
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 12:27:51 GMT
I think cocoon is a good solution for your scenario. Cocoon offers you a
pipeline concept (and optionally flow as a control layer, CForms...) You can
use cocoon to extract the data from the database build "Plain XML" (in a
pipeline). You can then create another pipeline to use the "Plain XML"
pipeline as an input for another pipeline which generates XHTML/HTML and for
another one which generates WML. The conversion from XML to (X)HTML or WML
has to be done in the pipeline with cocoon xsl transformer using XSL

Hope that gives you some idea how cocoon can help you. I don't think cocoon
is overkill because you don't have to use every aspect of cocoon. You just
have to understand XML/XSL and cocoons pipeline/sitemap concept.

The advantage over PHP/JSP or most other technologies is that you can easyly
add other output formats. Cocoon is very modular and you can modify most
aspects. It is even quiet simple to build a customized cocoon that just
includes the parts (blocks) of cocoon you need (in your case the pipeline
concept) and exclude most of the others.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jon Hill [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 1:18 PM
> To: Cocoon Users
> Subject: New user + concepts
> Hi All
> First off all, apologies for this email being a little long; 
> thanks to anyone 
> who has the time to read it.
> I am in the process of producing data on mobile phone 
> handsets. I am hoping 
> that the information that I will repesent will eventually be 
> good enough to 
> be used as a general resource for companies and end users in 
> the mobile phone 
> content arena. 
> I have got as far as building a relational database and have 
> entered a lot of 
> my data. I have now worked a first draft of an XML document that will 
> describe the capabailities of a mobile handset. 
> I want the XML to be used for a number of different purposes.
> 1. Plain XML, useful for developers who wish to inform their 
> own databases 2. XHTML / HTML to display information on 
> handsets, suitable for end-user 
> Websites.
> 3. XHTML / HTML for display on a administration Intranet.
> 4. XHTML / WML for WAP browsers.
> I guess this is where Cocoon could come in? I have never used 
> any type of 
> application server before and could do with some advice to 
> see if what I am 
> trying to achieve would benefit from Cocoon.  To begin with, 
> I expect I will 
> have data on around 500 handsets. Perhaps Cocoon is overkill 
> for the scale 
> that I am working at? I am not entirely sure on what 
> advantages Cocoon can 
> bring me over using PHP / Perl / JSP to output database 
> queries into a 
> variety of formats.
> Can anyone offer any words of wisdom to help in my decision making?
> regards
> Jon
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