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From Geert Josten <>
Subject Re: FOPserializer problem SOLVED
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2005 13:22:17 GMT
Hi all,

The problem is that the TraxTransformer object doesn't pass on the XSL error message, which
the vital information here. I'm not sure whether this is done this way for a particular reason.
use a patched version of this object in which I pass the original exception as 'cause' for
exception that the TraxTransformer is throwing. Saves a lot of puzzling while developing...

For lazy developpers like me: it is possible to just put this patched object in a jar of your
and drop in next to all the others in Web-inf/lib/, so it is removed easily for deployment
production environments etc..


Kjell Arne Brødreskift wrote:

> It was a typo in the main-pdf.xslt document which caused this.
> '<xsl:stylesheet' was typed '<xml:stylesheet'
> Stupid error, but thanks anyway.
> Kjell Arne

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