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From Jan Hoskens>
Subject Re: cocoon 1.6, binding framework and cache...
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 11:22:32 GMT
Christoph Hermann wrote:
> Marc Salvetti schrieb:
> Hello,
>>                <map:match pattern="*cruise*">
>>                    <map:call function="handleForm">
>>                        <map:parameter name="documentURI"
>>When browsing, the cache system seems to get stuck on one of the docs
>>(ie : cruise1.xml) and from this moment, everytime the form is
>>called, it is binded to the same document, and the continuation ID
>>becomes invalid !
>>Anyone came across this kind of problem ?
> Did you try {../2}?
> Maybe the map:call adds one level to your sitemap (i don't know, just an 
> Idea)
> Christoph

That's not the problem here, parameters are using the same level as it's parent, so {2} should
the trick. When you say the cache system, do you mean the cocoon caching? Or are you testing
remote setup with possibly caching systems (eg proxies) in between? When calling the form,
do you 
see an access line in your logs?

If cocoon caches the form use
<map:pipeline type="noncaching">
for your pipes that should not be cached. If a proxy or some caching system (between your
cocoon and 
browser) hands a cached form, set your http-headers to non-caching:

<map:act type="set-header">
   <map:parameter name="Pragma" value="no-cache"/>
   <map:parameter name="Expires" value="-1"/>
   <map:parameter name="Cache-control" value="no-cache"/>

If that's the real problem of course...

Kind Regards,

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