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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: cocoon.setAttribute in FlowScript broken?
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 08:56:08 GMT
Mark Lowe wrote:
> I've used spring for struts and jsf projects (using spring to wire in
> daos and so on) and never had any problems that couldn't be solved in
> a reasonable period of time. I've inherited some crack smokers app


> who thought it would be good to use cocoon forms and flow script,
> personally I don't rate it as a solution there's too much to go wrong.
> Regretably I can ditch flowscript and for that matter cocoon, but if I
> ever have the choice I'd use spring or perhaps jsf as a view
> controller for an xsl based project. I think the fact you up and
> running in a day says it all.

Of course you can write web applications without flowscript. Otherwise 
frameworks like Struts, JSF or the web MVC part of Spring wouldn't work.

BUT, after you have understood how to use a continuation based controller like 
Flowscript and the powerful Cocoon sitemap works, you will never look back :-)

And for all who have problems to write software without code completion, in the 
next few month Javaflow will be marked as stable.


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