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From Norman Barker <>
Subject Re: Antw: large XML file sizes
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 10:44:33 GMT
Martin Geissler wrote:

>Hello Norman ,
>in my applications I work with the CLI or Ant task to prepare large
>amouts of data out of a database.
>to get user friendly potions.
>first get data and generate xml.
>second: sort, transform data to a yml tree ... save the result.
>third generate .xml , .html .xls, .pdf as static file.
>For my application this is ok, because the data dit not change a lot. 
>So a daily task works fine.
>With this solution I generate our organization tree out of a database.
>(all steps dynamic est. 30 secounds to make pdf)
>vs. below 1 secound to serve static (daily generated) pdf
>Hope this helps a little.
>Regards Martin
So dynamic generation takes 30 seconds, which is kind of the speeds I 
have been experiencing (and slower!), our system has to purely dynamic 
(it is
producing weather data in XML for a particular region),  I will look 
into static generation of parts of the file, anyone got any other ideas, 
will swapping to
xsltc make a difference?


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