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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: encoding problem
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 23:32:45 GMT
On 28.07.2004 12:03, Jan Hoskens wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently facing the following problem: I've set the encoding in my 
> serializers to ISO-8859-1 and checked the web.xml file (utf-8 is in 
> comment, defaults to the ISO-8859-1)
> Everything is ok (special chars in cforms offer no problem, saving the 
> document with correct encoding) until I get an URI which contains 
> special chars. When checking my logs I get the correct uri printed out, 
> but the sitemap parameter takes the wrong encoding?:
> <snip>
> Current Sitemap Parameters:
> PARAM: '0' VALUE: 'J??f.xml.html'
> PARAM: '1' VALUE: 'J??f.xml.html'
> DEBUG   (2004-07-28) 11:30.49:877   [sitemap] 
> (/cocoon-2.1.5/site/J%E9%E9f.xml.html) 
> http8080-Processor3/PreparableMatchNode: Matcher 'wildcard' matched 
> prepared pattern '*.xml.html' at file:/d:/sources/site/sitemap.xmap:401:42
> </snip>
> Why isn't the parameter in the correct encoding?Is there any other 
> encoding option I need to set?

URLs are UTF-8 encoded, so the effect.

> Would it better to use utf-8? Tried to change all encodings to utf-8 but 
> got problems with browser showing the wrong encoding ISO-8859-1 (is that 
> the content-type problem mentioned on the wiki:? 

Don't know. But I had pages running completely in UTF-8 - or completely 
in ISO-8859-1 without using URL encoding.

> I want to keep special chars in the uri because of the following:
>        - users may enter any name to create a document (through cforms)
>        - afterwards I want to list the different documents so they can 
> be viewed/edited/....
>        - link to edit/view/.... contains the document name

Can you work with forms and hidden fields? They are again "correctly" 
encoded like the page.


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